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Most businesses and individuals want to avoid dragging out shareholder disputes as much as possible. These disputes have a tendency to linger on for far too long, sometimes costing the parties more in legal fees than what they obtain in judgments.

As an Indianapolis shareholder dispute attorney, I focus on the end-result. I do everything I can to resolve shareholder disputes through negotiation, mediation and any other nonlitigious means available. When this is not an option, I use my vast litigation experience to fight for quick, decisive results for my clients in the courtroom.

I can help you get the best resolution possible if you are involved in a shareholder dispute. In my more than 30 years of legal experience, 20 of which were spent litigating on behalf of a major American insurance company, I have handled shareholder disputes involving:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty — including self-dealing, use of insider knowledge and failure to act in the company’s best interests
  • Failure to make an accounting — when an essential accounting is nonexistent, misleading or erroneous
  • Breach of contract — when one of the parties breaches essential business contracts, like the terms of non-compete covenants or buy/sell agreements

If and when matters need to be litigated, it will be to your benefit to have an attorney who does not just handle litigation as an extra aspect of a transactional practice. I am a litigator, so I have the preparation and experience to give you the best chance in court.

I use this experience at every stage of representation. When you first come in for your free initial consultation, I will help you make smart decisions about litigation based on the costs and benefits to you or your company. Throughout the course of representation, I will make sure that I inform you of the status of your case and never leave you in the dark. I will fight for the best results possible.

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