We are litigators, first and foremost. Many business attorneys focus on the transactional matters and take on litigation as a subset. At Anderson and Associates, P.C., you get Indianapolis business litigation attorneys with more than 30 years of legal experience that includes more than 20 years handling complex litigation for a major insurance company.

From our Indianapolis, Indiana, law office, we represent convenience stores, banks, real estate agencies and many other types of businesses and corporations in a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Banking issues: There has been an extraordinary increase in litigation stemming from lending practices in recent years. Many lenders and borrowers are facing the implications of overlending and overborrowing: upside down homes. We help clients with bank workouts to negotiate new terms for their loans or litigate to decide matters in the courtroom.
  • Real estate disputes: We litigate disputes involving buy/sell agreements, leases, breach of contract, construction liens and insurance disputes.
  • Company dissolutions and ownership changes: For large public corporations as well as small partnerships, dissolution and ownership change can create a storm of legal issues that need to be addressed. If one shareholder wants to leave, one partner feels he or she is doing all the work, one of the partners dies, or the company needs to dissolve, we can help you through the legal challenges involved.
  • Shareholder disputes: We represent shareholders and executives in claims of fraud, embezzlement and other forms of white collar theft. We also handle breach of fiduciary duty claims like misuse of company funds, violations of non-compete clauses and issues stemming from buy/sell agreements.
  • Insurance bad faith: We represent businesses that have been denied legitimate insurance claims.

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Litigation can be a risky and expensive proposition. It is always smart to get good advice from an experienced lawyer before entering into litigation. We will give you our honest assessment of your case and the pros and cons of litigation in your scenario. Whether or not you decide to litigate your case, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you received the information you needed to make informed decisions.

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